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The April-May 2023 edition of The Victorian Probian Magazine is OUT NOW!

The official newsletter of the Probus Association of Victoria Inc is available as a digital edition and many club members have requested to receive their magazine that way in the future.

Read the latest Victorian Probian digital edition on your device simply by clicking on the link below.

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Victorian Probian Club News Coordinator: Garry Howe

The Victorian Probian is the journal of the Probus Association of Victoria. It is published 5 times a year and is delivered to close to 400 Clubs – that’s approaching 40,000 Probus members. We also have a new publisher Star News.

The Probian is exclusive to PAV member Clubs, and is a means of keeping members abreast of committee news. It also includes information on PSPL management matters. 

Club committees will also find it a source of information and ideas for Club activities, outings and tours through both the articles submitted by members and from advertising content. Your Club is invited to submit articles, but the editor reserves the right to edit content where necessary. 

The preferred method of submitting contributions is by email to:  For those who don’t have internet access, contributions may also be sent by surface mail to c/- Star News, PO Box 9, Packenham, Vic 3810. It is important that all reports are from recent activities, and please ensure they are not repeats of previously submitted Club News items.  We would also appreciate your good quality editorial, such as travel stories, jokes, poems and recipes, so please send them to us. Text must be presented as a Word document and all photos must be .jpg attachments. Photographs are most welcome as accompaniments to written contributions, but please ensure they are of high quality and if emailed, please send them as large .jpg files – preferably at 300 dpi. To be suitable for publication all photos must be top quality and no newspaper cuttings or photocopies can be accepted.

 Photos that are very large jpg files can be scaled by the administrator without losing definition. Both text and photographs can be emailed to the above address. 

Please include the name of the contributing club in the subject header of all emails for easier processing. Photographs sent for inclusion in the Victorian Probian will not be returned and all contributions are subject to editing. 


All Clubs are asked to take a minimum of 50 copies of each edition so that any excess copies can be distributed to retirement villages, libraries, community houses, medical surgeries, and other suitable outlets. This is to help publicise Probus, which in turn can help boost your club membership. It is strongly suggested that you identify your club by stamping each copy with your club’s contact details. 

If your club can manage to increase your orders for the Probian beyond your current number, please advise of any increase in numbers of copies by contacting the PAV secretaryat 

Collection of deliveries from Post Offices.  

Boxed editions of the Probian delivered to your club’s post office address must be collected within 14 days, otherwise there is a likelihood that Australia Post will return them to sender. The publisher will then be obliged to charge your club for this excess postage.

We have also been made aware of the fact that a few secretaries have complained that, because of their frailty or infirmities, boxes of editions of Probian issues are difficult to handle. We appreciate this, but ask that you take a friend with you to the post office to help with carrying to your car or delegate the task of collection to another club member who is physically able to handle such packages. The publisher is unable to create smaller parcels of Probian issues to cater for such situations. 

Thank you for your understanding of these important issues.

Please also support our advertisers as it is their advertising in the Probian that ensures our newsletter is free to all members. Thank you for making our task in producing YOUR newsletter a little easier! Please keep the contributions coming!