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*When booking, mention membership of the “PROBIAN WANDERERS”  for discount prices**

Bookings should be made personally or through respective clubs 

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Ken Heaslip (Greensborough Combined Club)
17 Ashdale Grove, Eltham, 3095 
Ph. (03)9439 1617:
Mobile 0455 130 070  
e-Mail  – kmheas@tpg.com.au       



Probian Wanderers – Caravan and Camping

The Annual General Meeting of Probus Victoria was held on the 22nd of November, 2021.

As there may be a number of new delegates, may I start with a story of the Probian Wanderers from its earlier days.

In 2001 a meeting was held with the R.A.C.V. who offered to formulate a special division for Probian caravaners/campers.

It was decided such a format involved quite an amount of expense, including R.A.C.V. membership, Roadside Assist, and membership of such a camping group.

My co-founder, Bill Jennings of Faulkner-Merlynston, and I chose to ‘go it alone’.

And we’ve been ‘going-it-alone’ for 21years to date, so we feel we chose the correct course.

Unfortunately, Bill has since passed away, but his vision is still alive.

As to fees, we felt that the ‘princely sum’ of $2.00 per head for those members attending an Event would be adequate.  This has proven to be the case, so much so that we have had to hold a non-Pancake Tuesday, or some other function to expend surplus money. That money is normally used to defray publication costs, and to defray necessary telephone calls.

At this time, we have 227 names recorded as “Claytons Members”, with 54 Probus clubs represented.  Some clubs may have only two or three couples involved, others up to 20 or so couples – or single persons. Those who attend an Event and ‘donate’ the $2.00 per head, become full members for the duration of the Event.

Bookings are normally made individually, or through individual clubs.  Full details are circulated, published in the Probian News, and on the Probus Victoria web-site.  Approximately two months before an Event, an itinerary of activities is printed and circulated.

We hold two Events of one week’s duration each year – in February a venue is sought near sea-side for the moderate climates, and in October we head inland.  Locations are chosen by popular vote of attendees twelve months in advance. This is necessary due to the numbers involved – generally 80 to 100 members. Of latter years these numbers are divided fairly equally between caravanners and cabin-dwellers. This early booking assures us of adequate, and prime sites and cabins in the most desirable caravan parks.

Unfortunately, with the advent of Covid-19, our attendances have been down – have in fact necessitated cancellations of the most recent Events.

But things are looking rosy for Year 2022, with the freeing from ‘lock-downs’.

Currently we have bookings for February next at Phillip Island, and for Mansfield in October.


*When booking, mention membership of the

“PROBIAN WANDERERS”   for discount prices  Bookings should be made personall  or through respective clubs 


Wanderers  contact 

Ken Heaslip (Greensborough Combined Club)
17 Ashdale Grove, Eltham, 3095 
Ph. (03)9439 1617:
Mobile 0455 130 070  
e-Mail  – kmheas@tpg.com.au