This is a great way to make a Christmas Card for your Probus Club

The cost for 100 Full Colour is $10 From Kmart


You can make this in Word or any Program that you can create Art Work in.

Microsoft Word go to Layout then Size on the drop down select 100 x 150mm or    6″ x 4″ then go Margins click no margins and now you have the correct size.

Make the box 150mm x 100mm everything goes in this box

Save it as a JPEG or PNG file on a USB

Take it to Kmart Photo Booth and get them to load it on their machine and tell them how many you require; they will then print them for you.

The cost per card in colour and gloss finish is 10c each.

This Photo Card can be used; for other things such as marking material to promote your Probus Club.

This is a sample of a Promotion.