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As at May 2022, “Membership” of the Probian Wanderers stands at around 250 persons, representing 54 Probus clubs within Victoria.

From inception, the Wanderers have practised a rather unique system of membership, found to be simple and successful as evidenced by the continued number of attendances at each “event”.

There is no president, treasurer, secretary or committee.  Membership is established on a casual basis – whoever desires to attend an event, a donation of one or two dollars per person is requested.  For the duration of the particular event, each person becomes a “member”.

The donations are used to defray the cost of telephone calls, publishing of essential literature, and where funds may allow, subsidising a particular function such as a dine-out, a sausage sizzle, or entry into a particular event.

At this time two events are conducted in any one year – generally within the coastal belt in February for climatic reasons, and in various country localities in October.

Due to attendances involved – averaging 100 persons – larger, high quality venues are selected, such as Big 4, Top Tourist and Family Parks locations, derived by popular vote at the current event.   This allows bookings to be made up to twelve months ahead, essential due to the numbers involved.

Bookings are made individually or by individual clubs, necessary and desirable in view of the minimal budgeting system.  When booking, members / clubs are advised to mention membership of the Probian Wanderers for discount rates and allocation of prime cabins / sites.

Contact persons for the group are:

For information about future meets and booking details see “Wanderers’ Events” page on this website


The Group has the ongoing backing of the Committee of the Probus Association of Victoria.