Guidelines & Policy Info.

Here you’ll find useful guidelines to assist with Club Administration. All supporting files are provided in two downloadable formats for your convenience. Anything you don’t see in this section, please call a member of our team.

Club Handbook – Helpful Guidelines for Management Committees

This Probus Club Handbook is provided to Club Management Committees to assist with best practice management and good governance. Its contents have been carefully compiled by the PSPL Team who have many years’ experience in all aspects of Probus affairs, administration, financial management, strategic planning and membership development. A complimentary copy of this handbook is provided to each new President and Secretary at the beginning of the Probus year.

Additional copies can be purchased in the Probus Online Shop

or you can download a digital copy here 2022-2023_PSPL_Handbook_.pdf

Risk Management Guidelines

We acknowledge that Clubs and Associations are led by volunteers who want to help their members enjoy Probus fun, fellowship and friendship. However, in doing so, the risks associated in meeting that objective need to be considered. Clubs and Associations should take all reasonable steps to protect the health and welfare of their members at any Probus organised, managed or sponsored activity. These activities include any event organised by a Club or Association such as meetings, outings, tours, trips and interest groups.

PSPL recommends that Clubs and Associations implement a Risk Management Policy and have developed guidelines to assist Clubs and Associations in the development of their Risk Management Policy.

COVID 19 Risk Assessment Checklist updated 160921.pdf l COVID 19 Risk Assessment Checklist updated 160921.docx 

COVID 19 Incident Response Plan updated 160921.pdf l COVID 19 Incident Response Plan updated 160921.docx 

Registration Form for Outings-Activities-Tours updated 160921.pdf l Registration Form for Outings-Activities-Tours updated 160921.docx

Risk Management Policy Guidelines updated 081221.pdf l Risk Management Policy Guidelines updated 081221.docx                   

Refund_and_Payment_Guidelines_050221.pdf l Refund_and_Payment_Guidelines_050221.docx

Running Effective Meetings

Productive discussions and meetings are essential to a Club’s success. Below are some guidelines that may be able to assist Committee members manage both Management Committee meetings as well as General meetings.

Guidelines_for_Effective_Meetings_200421.pdf l Guidelines_for_Effective_Meetings_200421.docx

Rules for Debate for Meetings

Where a meeting needs to determine a matter, a motion or an amendment, it will do so by each    of its members casting their vote – usually either in favour of or against the proposal/matter put forward. The Probus Club Handbook includes information about the Rules of Debate for Meetings. Below is a helpful diagram which depicts the order by which motions are to be moved.



It is each Club’s and Association’s responsibility to comply with any applicable privacy legislation and to keep updated with any new compliance requirements. PSPL will support Clubs in this process.

The Probus Club Handbook and Risk Management Guidelines contain information on what Clubs and Associations should consider including in its privacy policy.

Australian Clubs are exempt from the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 as Clubs do not meet the Act’s turnover threshold of $3 million. As a matter of best practice, it is recommended that Clubs follow the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act when collecting, holding, using or disclosing personal information. Clubs should establish a Privacy Policy for the handling of personal information.

New Zealand Clubs are subject to the requirements of the Privacy Act 2020 in New Zealand and should therefore establish a Privacy Policy. The key principles behind this Act include that the personal information provided to Clubs by members is being collected for a lawful purpose, used in accordance with that purpose, stored appropriately, not provided to third parties without consent, and is subject to the relevant individual’s control.

Refund and Payment Guidelines for Club Activities

Clubs and Associations should establish a policy covering payments and refunds for approved activities. The policy should clearly indicate the circumstances in which participants are entitled to a refund.  PSPL provide the following guidelines to assist Clubs in the establishment of their own policy.

Refund_and_Payment_Guidelines_050221.pdf l Refund_and_Payment_Guidelines_050221.docx

Membership Information

Clubs are asked to keep their membership information with PSPL up-to-date.  This can be done by using the Membership Amendment Forms below. This form has been provided by in a MS Word format or as a fillable PDF.  

Membership_amendment_form_1221.docx  l Membership_amendment_form_1221.pdf     

Club Constitutions

Each Probus Club is governed by a Constitution which includes the accreditation requirements which are consistent across all Probus Clubs. These mandatory accreditation requirements are adopted by each Club on formation. Clubs that become incorporated on or after formation must include these accreditation requirements in their Club’s constitution. The accreditation requirements are reflected in bold and italic typeface in the constitutions of incorporated Clubs. PSPL provide model constitutions for incorporated Clubs for each State and Territory in Australia as well as New Zealand.

In addition to constitutions, Clubs normally adopt Standing Resolutions which a Club may choose to put in place to regulate their internal affairs in accordance with the wishes of their membership. Standing Resolutions are designed to complement the Club’s constitution. They should not be inconsistent with a Club’s Constitution. A Club’s constitution will prevail in the event of any such inconsistency. Although the current Model Constitutions provided by PSPL allow for the adoption of By-laws or Standing Resolutions.  By-laws are an outdated concept which PSPL proposes to remove as part of the next Constitutional Review.  As such, we recommend that Clubs adopt Standing Resolutions, rather than By-laws, to manage their internal affairs.

It is noted that some Clubs choose to remain unincorporated and as such adopt By-laws to support their Club’s Constitution.  However, PSPL recommends that all Probus Clubs become incorporated. Incorporation creates a separate legal entity, distinct from its members, which can sue and be sued. In an unincorporated Club, the members of the Management Committee run the risk of being held personally liable for debts or liabilities incurred by their Club. Because an incorporated Club is a separate legal entity, it is generally responsible for the Club’s debts and liabilities.


Succession Planning

One of the major challenges for Clubs is finding willing members to take Management Committee roles within the Club. It is important to start succession planning early. Many people can find taking on a committee position quite daunting. Consider inviting prospective committee members to attend committee meetings or allocate one off projects to assist a current committee member. Help members see that being on the committee is a team effort.  The Club Handbook contains further suggestions on how to have an effective succession plan, click here to download the current Handbook.

Below is a powerpoint presentation that Clubs can use to present to their members on the benefits of being part of the Club’s leadership team.