Probus Membership Cards




Quite some months ago, all Probus members were, through their clubs, issued with a Probus Membership Card similar in size to a credit or other similar card. This card shows the name of your club, your name, and a membership number. The card was issued by Probus South Pacific Ltd.

Your committee and many club members have been unaware of the use or value of such cards.

We can now tell you that there is now available information on a variety of deals, and refer Probians to the PSPL website. Go to: 

or use the menu heading ‘Members’ Offers’.

There you will find the following sub-headings: Travel; Finance: Food and Beverages: Lifestyle and Entertainment; and Health. Use these to do your searches for deals.

It is noted that PSPL’s Advertising and Partnerships Manager is seeking information on deals, and if you know of any worthwhile deals for Probians, you might refer the relevant company to, or phone 02 9556 9118.

In the meantime, check the deals currently available.