Contacting the Association

Contacting the Association

For general enquiries about the Association, please note that, following the November 2019 Annual General Meeting of PAV, the Association appointed a new secretary. See contact details below:

     To contact the current Association President Rennus Crossley 

     By e-mail

     By phone          0434 202 457 

     To contact the PAV secretary, Jane Johnson

By e-mail 

By phone          0427 188 660

By post                PO Box 246, Chirnside Park, Vic 3116

      For all club news and other articles and material required for publishing in the

      Association’s new journal ‘Victorian Probus News’

By e-mail   

      To contact the current PAV treasurer Dale King

By e-mail

By phone         0409 038 240

     For matters relating to directories for outings/speakers.Vice President Anne Vick

Please e-mail

By Phone         0418 175 436

Guest Speakers & Outings: Please contact Brenda Rose

By e-mail

By phone         0447 647 566


For all matters relating to the Association website, please contact the website administrator
•    By e-mail 
•    By phone          0427 188 660

Note: For enquiries about how to find or contact a Probus Club in your area in Victoria, please contact Probus South Pacific Ltd who have a comprehensive directory of all Probus Clubs in Australia. 

Probus Association of Victoria does NOT supply this information. Please phone 1300 630 488 or e-mail for details.