Trade Travel – Group Travel Specialists


Trade Travel have been organising packaged tours for the Senior Group market for over 20 years. Our vision is to be the most inspirational and diverse company in the travel and tourism industry. We have been sponsors of the Probus Association of Victoria for 2 years now as well as National Sponsors of Probus Centre South Pacific, and as such, have developed many strong relationships with Probus Clubs throughout Victoria and indeed Australia. We are here to make the Tour Organiser’s job easier by:

  • Assisting them with itinerary planning
  • Assisting them to design a tour to suit your clubs budget and interests
  • Assisting them to have an expert stage a presentation to your Club members about any destination you are keen to travel to
  • Offering Tour Organisers the chance to visit destinations on a familiarisation trip before the club travels there as a group
  • Providing a booking pack which includes 40 colour itineraries for distribution at your club
  • Helping you “top up” your tour if you are running short of numbers to travel you’re your club through use of our marketing channels and communications with Probus Clubs throughout Australia
  • Organising airport transfers or tour escorts if required

Trade Travel can assist you with all your travel needs for your group worldwide. 

We will be glad to help you with any enquiries so give us a call today on 1800 034 439 or head to our website to view our tours.

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