You have heard about Probus Clubs and would like to join one.

To save yourself time, please read the following information:

The Probus Association of Victoria receives many enquiries about how to join a Probus Club. Many retired or semi-retired people have maybe heard of Probus, perhaps through friends who are themselves Probians, or you have come across the website of this Association.

You may have been told about the range of activities that are a feature of a good Probus Club, However, be aware that each Club is autonomous, and the choice of activities will have both some commonality as well as individual differences in programs as developed by members through their committee of management.

Where possible, you might care to find details of maybe two or three Clubs in your area, such as on what day and at what time they meet, and where. Be aware too that there are Ladies Probus Clubs and Men's Probus Clubs, as well as Combined Clubs, which have both male and female members. This may influence your choice of Club.

Important. Because of privacy regulations, this Association does NOT give out details of Club officers without their prior permission.

Also details may also change each March when all Clubs hold their annual general meetings and elect new committee members.

Residents of the State of Victoria may now go to the recently upgraded website of Probus South Pacific Ltd where, on the home page of this website, they will find a Club locator which also includes a map facility showing the approximate location of most clubs within a given area. Go to

and use locator 'Find a Club'. Using this facility, you may explore your options as to selection of Clubs in a specific area.

If you are still having difficulty, call Probus South Pacific on:

1300 630 488

within Australia, or alternatively mouse-click the following e-mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Then, armed with the names of perhaps several Clubs within your locality, start by contacting a Club officer to find out details of each individual Club's meetings. We trust that you will be invited to attend a Club’s monthly meeting. In this way, you will hopefully find the Club whose program and membership feel comfortable for you and your lifestyle. If that Club has membership vacancies, you will be told how you may join.

Be aware, however, that some Clubs may have a full membership, and you may be invited to join a waiting list of would-be members. Alternatively, to avoid the possibility of a lengthy wait for membership, you may choose to explore membership of another Club.

The Probus Association of Victoria, which represents well over 400 Probus Clubs in this State, trusts that this information will start what we hope will be a long-term involvement with Probus for you.

Remember – the objectives of Probus are Friendship, Fellowship, and Fun.