The proposed Event No. 39 of the Probian Wanderers has ended in a “Non-Event”.

of a ‘shaky’ forty-two original entries, only eight subsequently arrived.


Unfortunately, we became victims of “Covid-19 Lockdown”.  Potential starters were faced with the decision to be freed of lockdown in time to attend, or risk losing their deposits.

The hardy few successfully risked the former, and enjoyed some four days of freedom, exploration of some of the Island’s treasures, and most pleasant company.

 Attendees found the Big4 Holiday Park (Newhaven) ideally situated, with pleasant surroundings, and a most friendly staff.  So much so that they have elected to return in February, 2022. 

 An ‘electronic’ vote of two Phillip Island venues ensued, resulting in an almost unanimous vote to defy a further ‘lockdown’ and try again for Big4 Newhaven, which would now become Event No. 40.

 To clarify any confusion in relation to event numbering, this Covid-19 business has seen Phillip Island Event, originally No. 39, and Mansfield No. 40.  Then Mansfield, through that dreaded ‘Lockdown’, has become No 39, and Phillip Island No. 40.   Now that the situation has been clarified….er!!!


Just a couple of photos to record the “Non-event”.