1983 to 2013  - 30 YEARS OF PROBUS BOWLING

Celebrating 30 years of Probus Fellowship on the Lawn Bowling Greens of Melbourne.

1983 saw a keen group of Probus Lawn Bowlers organizing Challenge Matches amongst Melbourne Probus Clubs.

1984 - 1987 saw a committee formed to organize a Probus Bowls Tournament under the guidance of Len Dorman, Bob Dick and Ron Blight and Neil McKenzie.

1988 – 2003 led to an expansion of the competition under a new name as The Greater Melbourne Annual Men’s Probus Bowls, with tournaments conducted by committee’s under the guidance of members of various Melbourne Probus Clubs – Jim Allan, Ron Minter, Gordon Laws, Jack Russell, Vic Martin, Keith Bower, and for many years led by the late Gordon Wright from Strathmore Probus as Chairman, Peter Claridge of Knox Probus as Treasurer and Kevin Breen of Edithvale as Secretary. Peter who is still acts as Treasurer for the organizing committee has now been looking after the tournaments funds for some 17 years.

2004-2006 saw the competition become an Open Compeition, and it was renamed The Greater Melbourne Open Probus Bowls Tournament, with the organising committee led by the late Gordon Wright who served 14 years as Chairman, with Peter Claridge as Treasurer, and Kevin Breen who was Secretary for 11 years.

2007- 2013 saw the committee’s name changed to Victorian Probus Bowls  Association, as it remains today, currently with Robin Wood as Chairman, Peter Claridge continuing as Treasurer and David Harvey-Williams becoming Secretary, due to illness necessitating Kevin Breen’s retirement.