It appears that table tennis is a very popular sporting pastime for seniors at indoor sporting venues in the Melbourne area, and very likely in country centres too.

This is a sport that, because it is usually played indoors, is not governed by weather in the way that, golf, lawn bowls, croquet and other outdoor sports that seniors like to play. It could have particular appeal in the winter months when, for example, a couple of hours walking a golf course may only appeal to the hardiest, and bowling lawns are closed.

The PAV committee would be interested to hear from Probus Clubs that include table tennis as a sporting activity; how and where they organise this activity; and whether this could be included in the Probus sporting calendar.

At the recent delegate meeting when interest in this sport was sought, one delegate informed a committee member that his club has a table tennis group, so we would like to hear if other clubs have a similar group or activity. Speak to a PAV committee member or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

****additional information on getting started****

Since this webpage was posted, your website administrator has been contacted by Dennis Makaling, the new Chief Executive Officer of Table Tennis Victoria, who advises that there a a great many table tennis centres/clubs in both metropolitan and country areas, and he has supplied a database of these centres - for details contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dennis has advised that, if a club is interested in maybe starting their own table tennis group, he would be willing to arrange a coaching/demo session in order to help your club start up a table tennis activity. He can also give assistance in the purchase of necessary equipment to get started. Dennis Makaling may be contacted on 0405 401 600 or phone 9682 2011.

This is a worthwhile all-weather indoor sporting activity for your club that would not be too expensive to set up and would cater for the less active in your club as well as the more active, and it would be fun!