What a wonderful and successful the day was an the weather decided to behave as well.

Players arrived at 9am and were incredibly understanding of the new rule to attend the 

Registration desk and Luncheon desk as a team. This made it so much easier for the

Committee Members to do their book work. 

We only had one hiccup on the day with a player pulling out at 6am. I did have an emergency

up my sleeve, so overcame the problem easily.

The amount of players we could accommodate on the day was 80 plus the scoring team

of three. We had a full contingent. Jill Croome organised 6 teams from her club.

The tournament ran without a hitch and my Committee and I received emails and many thanks on 

the day. Many said they would be back next year with more teams. They will have to be quick.

The Championship four were from my new club and host club, Whitehorse Combined. Namely,

 Peter Birkett, Gwen Barry (Secretary) Evelyn O’Keefe and Chris Frederick. Team name, 4 Whitehorses.

The Championship pair, represented Tunstall Combined – Joyce Batten and Gloria Lewis, team name

the four Amigos. The prize for having the most Jokers (fun prize) was won by Gale Cameron of Berwick.

Each winner received a mug printed with the Probus Logo and appropriate Champion on it. They also received a cash prize inserted in the mug in an envelope.

A wonderful team we had to do the scoring, Roger Cromie, Glenda Nicholson and Jeanette McDonald of Croydon Park Probus. They had a huge job to do and did it so well. Roger projected scores all day on a huge screen so players knew how they were going My heartfelt thanks I give to him, Glenda and Jeanette.

They were each presented with a gift by our Secretary Gwen Barry. Gwen also presented all the door prizes that were mostly donated to us by Ed Braber. Big thankyou Ed.

The money that PAV gave to my club to back this tournament, certainly helped no end. It also made

my life so much less stressful. So once again, Many thanks.

Lastly, to my Committee, what can I say, they helped and backed me all the way. Thankyou.

A great day of fun Friendship and Fellowship was had by all.


Kind regards,

Shirley Jones.