Making contact with your Club


Keeping a membership of near 400 clubs informed of news, special events, or changes to events, dates, etc, becomes a major expense when this involves a mail-out by post, and especially when posting a bulky envelope is involved. We do need to resort to Australia Post each quarter when there are minutes, and sundry other items to be mailed to member clubs. 

However, more and more government and commercial enterprises are resorting to e-mail, both to eliminate postage costs and to save the waste of paper – never mind the saving in time in terms of speed of communication.

Whilst the senior generation is still coming to terms with using computers and adopting e-mail as a prime means of communication, our age group is now being forced to use electronic communication by our children and grandchildren who regard this as the only way to communicate other than by making a phone call, or using Facebook or Twitter.

PAV has no intention of considering the option of the latter two, but would like to be able to connect with club officers via e-mail.

Accordingly, we are asking club secretaries to send an e-mail to the PAV Secretary by mouse-clicking this address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A message window will then open on your screen.

All you need state is the name of your club.

Please do NOT provide private e-mail addresses. We require the dedicated club e-mail address as provided by Probus South Pacific Ltd as this will be your club’s ongoing address regardless of committee changes.

If you don't think that your club has been supplied with an official e-mail address, it is suggested that you immediately contact Probus South Pacific Ltd and request that this be supplied to you immediately.