PAV Affiliated Probus Clubs 

Listed below are the PAV member Probus Clubs in Victoria, together with their meeting details.

Those clubs that have an associated web site can be browsed by hovering the mouse over the club name and clicking where an associated web address is displayed.



MEMBER CLUB DETAILS PAV    (C) Combined   (L) Ladies   (M) Men

Alexandra (C) Tennis Club 4th Thursday 10.00am
Alexandra (L) RSL 3rd Thursday 10.00am
Altona (C) Altona Sports Club 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Altona (L) RSL 4th Thursday 10.00am
Altona North (C) Brooklyn Comm. Hall 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Andersons Inlet (C) Inverloch RSL 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Ararat (C) St Andrews Hall 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Ararat (L)  Ararat West Unit Church 3rd Thursday 10.00am
Ashburton (C) Ashburton Bowls Club 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Aspendale/Mordialloc Districts (C) Gerry Green Reserve 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Auburn (C) Nth Balwyn Bowls Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Avondale Heights (C) Nancye Kirchner Centre 3rd Wednesday 9.30am
Bacchus Marsh (C) Bowling Club 4th Monday 10.00am
Bacchus Marsh (L) Uniting Church Hall 1st Thursday 10.00am
Bairnsdale (C) Bowling Club 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Balcombe (L) Mt Martha House 2nd Wednesday 9.45am
Balcombe (M) Mt Martha House 1st Tuesday 9.45am
Ballarat Begonia City (C) Wendouree Football Club 3rd Tuesday 9.45am
Ballarat Central (C) Central Wendouree Bowling Club 2nd Tuesday 9.45am
Ballarat East (L)  Masonic Centre 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Ballarat Eureka (C)  Ballarat Golf Club 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Ballarat Goldfields (C)  Ballarat Golf Club 1st Wednesday 9.45am
Ballarat (L) City Oval Bowling Club 4th Thursday 10.00am
Ballarat New Generation (C) Central Wendouree Bowling Club 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Ballarat North (C) Ballarat Golf Club 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Ballarat South (C) Ballarat Masonic Centre 2nd Tuesday 9.45am
Ballarat West (C) Cooinda Centre 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Balnarring Combined Balnarring Hall 3rd Friday 10.00am
Balnarring (L) Balnarring Hall 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Balwyn Central (C) Balwyn Baptist Church 3rd Thursday 9.30am
Bannockburn (C) Presbyterian Church Hall 1st Monday 10.00am
Banyule (C) Watsonia RSL 3rd Friday 10.00am
Barook Koondrook (C) Koondrook Senior Citizens Rooms 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Bayside (C) Milanos Hotel 1st Monday 10.00am
Barwon Valley Belmont (C) Geelong Masonic Centre 1st Thursday 10.00am
Beaconsfield (C) Neighboorhood Centre 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Beaufort (C) Community Centre 2nd Monday 10.00am
Beaumaris (M) Sandringham Club 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Beaumaris Bay (C) Cheltenham Golf Club 3rd Friday 10.00am
Belgrave (C) Tecoma Uniting Church 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Bellarine (C) St James Church Hall 3rd Monday 10.00am
Belmont (C) Belmont Masonic Centre 1st Monday 10.00am
Belmont (L) Belmont Uniting church 4th Monday 10.00am
Belmont Barwon (C) Geelong Masonic Centre 4th Thursday 10.00am
Benalla Rose (C) Benalla Bowls Club 3rd Thursday 10.00am
Bendigo (C) Masonic centre 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Bendigo (L) Bendigo District RSL Club 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Bentleigh (C) Bentleigh RSL 2nd Thursday 10.30am
Bentleigh (L) Bentleigh Uniting Church 1st Thursday 10.00am
Bentleigh East (C) The Bentleigh Club 2nd Tuesday 9.45am
Berwick Central (C) The Old Cheese Factory 3rd Tuesday 9.45am
Berwick Village (C) St Andrews Uniting Church Hall 4th Monday 10.00am
Bittern (C) The Hub Community Centre 2nd Thursday 9.30am
Blackburn Bellbird (C) Australian Unity Hall 2nd Friday 10.00am
Blackburn Central (C) Manchester Unity Hall 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Blackburn South (C) Whitehorse Cultural Centre 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Blackburn South (L) The Avenue Uniting Church 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Blackburn South  Inala (C) Inala Retirement Village 4th Wednesday 1.15pm
Blackburn Lake (L) Manchester Unity Hall 1st Thursday 10.00am
Boort & District (C) Resource & Information Centre 1st Friday 10.00am
Box Hill South (L) Bennetswood Bowling Club 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Brighton Beach (C) Milanos Hotel 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Brighton Central (C) Milanos Tavern 1st Thursday 10.00am
Brighton East (C) The Bentleigh Club 2nd Friday 10.00am
Brighton (M) Sandringham Hotel 2nd Wednesday 10.15am
Broadford (C) Broadford Bowling Club 2nd Monday 10.00am
Bulleen Heights (C) Bulleen Baptist Church 2nd Monday 10.00am
Bulleen Templestowe (C) Bulleen Baptist Church 4th Monday 10.00am
Bunyip Garfield (C) Garfield Community Centre 1st Tuesday 10.00am
Burwood (C) Bennetswood Bowling Club 1st Wednesday 9.30am
Burwood East (C) Uniting Church Hall 1st Monday 10.00am
Camberwell (C) St Faith's Anglican Church 1st Tuesday 10.00am
Camperdown (C) Commercial Hotel 3rd Monday 10.00am
Carrum Downs (C) Sands Hotel 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Casey (C) RSL Hall 2nd Tuesday 9.45am
Cerberus (C) Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Charlton (C) Charlton Shire Hall 2nd Friday 10.00am
Chatham (C) Salvation Army Citadel 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Chelsea (C) Chelsea Activity Hub 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Chelsea (L) Neighbourhood House 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Cheltenham (L) Mentone RSL 2nd Thursday 10.30am
Chisholm (C) Mt Waverley Youth Centre 3rd Monday 10.00am
Clifton Springs/Drysdale (C) Clifton Springs Golf Club 2nd Monday 10.00am
Clunes (C) Clunes Town Hall 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Coal Creek (C) Coal Creek Historical Park 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Cobden (C) Cobden Civic hall 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Cobram Barooga (C) Cobram Senior Citizens Hall 1st Monday 10.00am
Cohuna (C) Community Meeting Room 2nd Monday 10.00am
Colac Otway (C) City Bowls Club 3rd Monday 9.45am
Colac (M) City Bowls Club 1st Monday 9.30am
Coleraine (C) Uniting church Hall 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Corinella & District (C) Coronet Bay Community Hall 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Cowes (C) Nobbies Centre 3rd Monday 10.00am
Craigieburn (C) Craigieburn Sporting club 2nd Monday 10.00am
Cranbourne (L) Amstel Golf Club 1st Thursday 10.00am
Creswick (C) St Andrews Uniting Church Hall 1st Tuesday 10.00am
Croydon Park (C)      
Dandenong (L) Dandenong Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Daylesford (C) Daylesford Bowling Club 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Deer Park (C) The Club 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Dingley Central (C) Kingswood Golf Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Dingley Village (C) Dingley Sports & Recreation Club 1st Thursday 10.00am
Donald (C) Senior Citizens Club 1st Friday 10.00am
Doncaster Central (L) The Ted Ajani Centre 1st Monday 10.00am
Doncaster Main Road (C) Ted Ajani Centre 4th Monday 10.00am
Doncaster East (C) Bulleen Baptist Church 1st Friday 10.00am
Donvale (C) The Ted Ajani Centre 3rd Monday 10.00am
Donvale Central (C) East Doncaster Baptist Church 3rd Tuesday 9.45am
Donvale Hill (C) East Doncaster Baptist Church 1st Tuesday 10.00am
Donvale - Tunstsall (C) East Doncaster Baptist Church 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Donview Heights (C) Doncaster RSL Hall 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Doreen (C) Laurimar Community Centre 1st Wednesday 1.00pm
Dromana Bay (C) Dromana Community Hall 3rd Wednesday 9.30am
Dromana Valley (C) Dromana Community Hall 3rd Thursday 9.30am
Drouin (C) Royal Hotel 4th Friday 9.30am
Drouin Hills (C) Anglican Church Hall 1st Friday 9.45am
Drysdale (L) Drysdale Football Club 4th Monday 10.00am
Dunolly & District (C) Senior Citizens Club 3rd Thursday 10.00am
East Malvern (C) East Malvern  Uniting Centre 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Echuca/Moama & District (C) Rich River Golf Club Resort 4th Monday 10.00am
Echuca/Moama Twin rivers (C) Echuca workers & Services Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Edithvale (C) Longbeach RSL 4th Thursday 10.00am
Emerald District (L) Emerald RSL 3rd Monday 10.00am
Emerald & District (M) Emerald RSL 4th Monday 10.00am
Essendon (M) Essendon Football Club 2nd Tuesday 9.30am
Essendon Central (C) Essendon Football Club 3rd Monday 10.00am
Fawkner-Merlynston (C) Fawkner Bowling Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Flinders (C) Flinders Civic Centre 1st Wednesday 9.30am
Footscray (M) Rec West Footscray Centre 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Forest Hill Strathdon (C) Community Hall Strathdon 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Foster & District (C) Foster War Memorial Arts Centre 1st Monday 10.00am
Frankston (C) RSL Bowls Club 1st Friday 10.00am
Frankston (L) Community Of Christ Church Hall 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Geelong Central (C) Geelong RSL 3rd Friday 9.45am
Geelong East (C) East Geelong Uniting Church 3rd Monday 10.00am
Gisborne (C) Gisborne Masonic Centre 4th Thursday 10.00am
Gladstone Park (C) Good Shepherd Parish Hall 1st Wednesday 9.45am
Glen Eira (C) Bentleigh Club 4th Friday 10.00am
Glen Waverley (C) Junior Youth Centre 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Glen Waverley (L) Glen Waverley Uniting Church 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Glenferrie (C) Balwyn Community Centre 3rd Friday 10.00am
Glenroy Central (L) Glenroy RSL 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Glenroy (L) Cromwell Street Hall 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Glenroy (M) Glenroy Uniting Church 2nd Wednesday 9.45am
Golden Square (C) Abundant Life Centre 3rd Thursday 9.30am
Greenhills (C) Greensborough RSL 4th Monday 10.00am
Greensborough (C) Greensborough RSL 1st Monday 10.00am
Greenwood (C) Watsonia RSL 2nd Friday 10.00am
Greythorn (C) North Balwyn Uniting Church 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Grimshaw (C) Watsonia Community Hall 4th Friday 10.00am
Grovedale East (L) Uniting Church Hall 4th Monday 10.00am
Grovedale (M) Grovedale Uniting Church 2nd Tuesday 2.00pm
Hamilton (M) Hamilton Bowling Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Hamlyn Heights (C) St Albans Church 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Hastings (C) Hastings Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Hawthorn (L) Salvation Army Citadel 1st Monday 10.00am
Hawthorn Glen (C) Camberwell Uniting Church Hall 2nd Friday 10.00am
Healsville Men St Bridgit's Catholic Church Hall 3rd Thursday 9.30am
Heathmont (L) Heathmont Bowls Club 1st Monday 2.00pm
Heidelberg (M) Ivanhoe Uniting Church 2nd Tuesday 9.30am
Highton (L) Highton Senior Citizens Hall 1st Thursday 10.00am
Highton (M) Highton Senior Citizens Hall 4th Thursday 10.00am
Hopetoun (C) Southern Mallee Co-op Parish Hall 1st Monday 10.00am
Hoppers Crossing (L) Hotel 520 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Hoppers Crossing (M) Hoppers Club 3rd Wednesday 9.30am
Horsham (C) Horsham RSL 4th Tuesday 10.00am
Horsham East (L) Horsham RSL 1st Monday 10.00am
Inverloch (C) Warrawee Senior Citizens Club 1st Thursday 10.00am
Irymple (L) Mildura RSL 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Jacksons Creek (C) Sunbury Football Club 2nd Monday 10.00am
Kangaroo Flat (C) St Mary's Complex 2nd Wednesday 9.45am
Kaniva (C) Kaniva Bowling Club 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Kardinia (C) Masonic Hall 1st Wednesday 9.45am
Keilor (C) Keilor Hotel 3rd Monday 10.00am
Keilor East (C) Keilor Hotel 2nd Monday 10.00am
Kerang (C) Kerang Memorial Hall 1st Tuesday 9.30am
Kew (C) Phyllis Hore Room 4th Thursday 10.30am
Kilmore & District (C) Kilmore Golf Club 3rd Monday 10.00am
Kingsbury (C) Kingsbury Bowls Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Kingston Heath (L) Heatherton Football Club 3rd Thursday 10.00am
Knox (C) The Stamford Hotel 1st Tuesday 10.00am
Knoxfield (L) Waverley Golf Club 4th Monday 9.45am
Kyabram (C) Kyabram Club 1st Monday 10.15am
Korumburra (C) Showgrounds & Amenities Complex 2nd Monday 9.45am
Kyneton (C) Kyneton Bowling Club 1st Wednesday 9.30am
Lake Colac (L) Lake Colac Bowls Club 3rd Monday 9.45am
Lakes Entrance-Cunninghame (C) Lakes Entrance Motel 1st Monday 10.00am
Langwarrin (L) Langwarrin Community Centr 1st Thursday 10.00am
Lara (C) Lara Bowls Club 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Latrobe (L) Traralgon Tennis Club 4th Monday 10.00am
Laverton (C) The Hub Community Centre 4th Monday 10.00am
Leongatha (C) Dakers Centre 3rd Monday 10.00am
Leopold (C) Leopold Sportsman's Club 2nd Monday 9.30am
Leopold Gateway (C) Leopold Sportsman's Club 4th Monday 9.30am
Lilydale (L) Lilydale Lake Community Room 1st Tuesday 10.00am
Lower Templestowe (C) Bulleen Baptist Church 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Maffra (M) Senior Citizens Club 2nd Tuesday 9.45am
Maffra (L) Senior Citizens Club 3rd Monday 10.00am
Maling (C) Conochie Hall 2nd Wednesday 9.40am
Malvern (C) Presbyterian Church 4th Tuesday 10.00am
Manningham (C) Bulleen Baptist Church 4th Tuesday 10.00am
Mansfield (M) Delitite Hotel 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Maroondah (C) The Dorset Gardens Hotel 3rd Friday 9.45am
Maryborough (L) Maryborough Highland Society Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Maryborough (C) Maryborough Highland Society Club 1st Tuesday 10.00am
Maryvale (C) Morwell RSL 3rd Thursday 10.00am
McCrae (C) Uniting Church 1st Tuesday 9.45am
Melbourne North (C) Waterloo Cup Hotel 4th Tuesday 10.30am
Melton (C) Christ Church Melton 1st Tuesday 9.45am
Melton Valley (L) Anglican Church Hall 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Mentone (C) Mentone Bowling Club 4th Wednesday 9.30am
Mernda (C) Mernda Village Community Centre 4th Monday 1.00pm
Middle Brighton (C) Milanos Hotel 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Mildura South (M) Mildura RSL 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Minyip (C) Minyip Memorial Hall 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Mitcham Nunawading (C) Whitehorse Civic Centre 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Mitcham Orchards (C) Whitehorse Civic Centre 2nd Wednesday 9.30am
Mitchell River Bairnsdale (C) Bairnsdale Bowls Club 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Moe (C) Moe Golf Club 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Monash (C) Mt Waverley Centre 1st Friday 10.00am
Monash Central (C) Mt Waverley Centre 3rd Friday 10.00am
Monbulk (C) Monbulk Bowling Club 2nd Monday 10.00am
Mont Albert (C) Box Hill RSL 2nd Friday 10.00am
Montmorency- Petrie Park (C) Montmorency RSL 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Montrose & District (C) Montrose Town Centre 3rd Wednesday 9.45am
Moonee Valley (L) Windy Hill Venue 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Moorleigh (M) Coatesville Bowling Club 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Mooroolbark (C) St Margaret's Uniting Church 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Mooroopna (C) Mooroopna Bowls Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Mornington (C) St Mark's Uniting Church 1st Tuesday 10.00am
Mornington (L) St Mark's Uniting Church 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Morwell & District (C) Morwell RSL 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Mount Eliza (C) Mt Eliza Uniting Church 2nd Monday 9.45am
Mount Eliza Central (C) Village Uniting Church 4th Friday 9.30am
Mount Eliza Village (L) Village Uniting Church 1st Monday 10.00am
Mount Martha (M) Mount Martha House 2nd Tuesday 9.30am
Mount Martha (L) Mount Martha House 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Mount Martha Valley (C) Dromana Community Hall 2nd Thursday 9.30am
Mount Martha Village (L) Mount Martha House 4th Wednesday 9.45am
Mount Waverley (C) Mount Waverley Community Centre 1st Friday 10.00am
Mount Waverley (M) Waverley Masonic Centre 3rd Thursday 10.00am
Murtoa (C) Railway Hotel 3rd Friday 10.00am
Narre Warren (C) Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House 3rd Tuesday 10.30am
Newborough (C) Moe Hotel 1st Monday 10.00am
Newcomb (C) East Geelong Uniting Church 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Nhill (C) Nhill Uniting Church Hall 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Niddrie (L) East Keilor RSL 1st Monday 10.15am
Nillumbik (C) Bridges Restaurant 2nd Wednesday 9.45am
Noble Park (C) Club Noble 1st Monday 10.00am
Norfolk Warrnambool (L) City Memorial Bowls Club 4th Monday 10.00am
North Balwyn Heights (C) Baptist Church Hall 1st Monday 10.00am
Notting Hill (C) Mulgrave Country Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Numurkah (L) Senior Citizens Hub 3rd Monday 10.00am
Oakleigh (L) South Oakleigh Bowling Club 2nd Monday 10.00am
Ocean Grove (C) Shell Road Pavillion 4th Monday 10.00am
Ocean Grove on Barwon (C) St Peters Church Hall 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Ocean Grove Surfside (C) Ocean Grove Bowling Club 3rd Monday 10.30am
Olinda (C) Olinda Community House 3rd Monday 10.30am
Orbost (C) Club Hotel 3rd Thursday 10.00am
Ormond (L) Bentleigh Club 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Osborne (L) Mount Martha House 3rd Tuesday 9.30am
Ouyen & District (C) Central Mallee Co-Op Parish Centre 3rd Friday 10.00am
Pakenham (C) Pakenham Bowls Club 1st Friday 10.00am
Pakenham Central (C) Pakenham Regional Tennis Centre 2nd Thursday 10.30am
Pakenham East (C) Pakenham Senior Citizens Centre 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Parkdale (C) Mentone Activity Hub 3rd Wednesday 9.30am
Parktone (C) Mordialloc Football Club 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Pascoe Vale (C) Pascoe Vale Uniting Church 3rd Thursday 10.00am
Pascoe Vale Central (C) Pascoe Vale RSL 2nd Thursday 9.45am
Patterson Lakes (C) Patterson Lakes Community Centre 1st Wednesday 9.30am
Paynesville (C) Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Peninsula (M) Drysdale Football Club 1st Monday 9.15am
Phillip Island (C) Anzac Room RSL 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Pinewood (C) Mt Waverley Youth Centre 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Plenty (C) Greensborough RSL 4th Thursday 10.00am
Port Melbourne (C) Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House 4th Friday 10.30am
Portarlington Bayview (C) Portarlington Golf Club 3rd Wednesday 10.00am
Portarlington (C) Church By The Bay 2nd Monday 10.00am
Portland Bay (L) Portland Football Club 4th Tuesday 9.30am
Portland Harbour (C) Portland Football Club 3rd Tuesday 9.30am
Portland (M) Portland Football Club 2nd Tuesday 9.30am
Portland (L) Portland Football Club 1st Tuesday 9.30am
Preston (C) Presyon & Northcote Angling Club 3rd Monday 10.00am
Queenscliff (C) Gill Hall 1st Monday 9.45am
Redcliffs (C) The Red Cliffs Club 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Red Hill (C) Main Ridge Hall 4th Tuesday 9.30am
Reservoir (C) East Reservoir community Centre 4th Monday 10.00am
Reservoir West (C) Preston reservoir bowls Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Ricketts Point (C) Cheltenham Golf Club 2nd Wednesday 10.30am
Ringwood Clocktower (C) Dorset Gardens Hotel 3rd Wednesday 9.30am
Ringwood East (L) Senior Citizens Hall 2nd Friday 9.30am
Rochester (C) Rochester Bowls Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Romsey & Lancefield (C) St Mary's Catholic Church 4th Thursday 10.00am
Rosanna (C) Uniting Church Hall 3rd Wednesday 9.30am
Rosanna (L) St Andrews Anglican Church Hall 2nd Wednesday 9.45am
Rosebud (L) Salvation Army Citadel 4th Friday 9.30am
Rosebud (M) Uniting Church Hall 3rd Tuesday 9.45am
Rupanyup (C) Commercial Hotel 2nd Friday 10.00am
Rye (L) Blairgowrie Community Hall 3rd Monday 9.30am
Safety Beach (C) Dromana Community Hall 1st Tuesday 10.00am
Sale (L) Sporting Legends Club 4th Monday 10.00am
Sanctuary Lakes-Point Cook (C) Sanctuary Lakjes Resort 1st Thursday 10.00am
Sanbelt (L) Bentleigh RSL 1st Monday 10.30am
Sandown (C) Club Noble 2nd Monday 10.00am
Sandy Bay (C) Sandringham Yacht Club 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
San Remo (C) Newhaven Public Hall 2nd Monday 10.00am
Seaford (C) King Close Community Centre 2nd Thursday 9.45am
Seaholme (C) Altona Sports Club 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Seville (C) St James Church Hall 1st Thursday 1.30 pm
Seymour (C) Seymour Elderly Citizens Hall 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Somerville (C) St Andrews Hall 3rd Wednesday 9.45am
Sorrento (C) Blairgowrie Community Hall 3rd Thursday 10.00am
South Morang (C) Riverside Community Centre 3rd Tuesday 2.00pm
Southern Peninsula (M) Blairgowrie Community Hall 2nd Monday 10.00am
Spring Creek (L) Senior Citizens Club 4th Monday 10.00am
Spring Gulley (C) Bendigo Club 4th Thursday 10.00am
Stawell Gold Reef (L) Stawell Harness Racing Club 1st Tuesday 10.00am
St Arnaud Masonic Centre 1st Wednesday 10.00am
St Arnaud Kara Kara (C) Masonic Lodge 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
St Helena (C) Greensborough RSL 3rd Monday 10.00am
St Kilda (C) Elsternwick Park Sports Club 1st Monday 10.00am
St Leonards (C) St Leonards Bowling Club 4th Monday 10.00am
Strathdale (C) Bendigo Club 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Strathfieldsaye (C) Strathfieldsaye Uniting Church 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Strathmore (C) Winy Hill Essendon Football Club 3rd Monday 9.45am
Studfield Wantirna (C) Knox Fishing & Boating Club Rooms 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Sunbury (C) Lions Community Centre 1st Friday 10.00am
Sunbury (M) Sunbury Football Social Club 1st Wednesday 9.50am
Surrey Hills (M) St Aidan's Uniting Church 1st Thursday 10.00am
Swan Bay (L) Point Lonsdale Bowls Club 2nd Monday 10.00am
Swanhill (C) Swan Hill Club 2nd Tuesday 10.00am
Syndal (C) Monash Community Centre 4th Friday 10.00am
Syndal (L) Mt Waverley Youth Centre 4th Thursday 10.00am
Tatura (C) Lagozzino'sTop Pub/Commercial Hotel 4th Thursday 10.00am
Taylors Lakes (C) Taylors Lakes Hotel 4th Monday 10.00am
Templestowe Central (C) Templestowe Leisure Centre 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Templestowe (L) Bulleen Baptist Church 3rd Monday 10.00am
Timboon & Distrivct (C) Timboon Golf Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Toorak (M) Toorak Heroes Club 4th Tuesday 9.45am
Torquay Central (C) Torquay Football & Cricket Club 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Torquay (M) Senior Citizens Centre 3rd Friday 10.00am
Torquay (L) Senior Citizens Centre 3rd Monday 10.00am
Torquay Surfcoastr (C) Lions Village Centre 2nd Monday 10.00am
Torquay Zeally Bay (C) Torquay Football Club Hall 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Trafalgar & District (C) Trafalgar Park Bowls Club 1st Thursday 10.00am
Traralgon (L) Traralgon Tennis Centre 1st Monday 10.00am
Traralgon (M) Traralgon Tennis Centre 3rd Thursday 10.00am
Traralgon (C) Traralgon Tennis Centre 3rd Monday 10.00am
Tunstall (C) Uniting Church Hall 4th Friday 10.00am
Upper Yarra (C) Yarra Junction Bowling Club 1st Wednesday 9.30am
Vermont South (L) Horticultural Centre Function Room 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Wangaratta (M) Terrace Hall 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Wantirna Heights (C) Knox Fishing & Boating Club Rooms 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Warracknabeal (L) Warracknabeal Fire Brigade 1st Friday 10.00am
Warragul Baw Baw (C) Masonic Lodge 2nd Tuesday 9.45am
Warragul Ranges (C) Warragul Country Club 4th Thursday 10.00am
Warragul Tarago (C) Warragul Country Club 3rd Wednesday 9.45am
Warringal Heidelberg (L) Old Shire Hall 3rd Monday 9.45am
Warrnambool Hopkins (L) City Memorial Bowls Club 1st Thursday 10.00am
Watsonia (C) Watsonia RSL 1st Friday 10.00am
Waurn Ponds (C) Waurn Ponds Hotel 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Waverley (L) Mt Waverley Youth Centre 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Waverley (M) Mt Waverley Youth Centre 1st Thursday 10.00am
Waverley Central (L) Masonic Centre 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Waverley City (L) Glen Waverley Uniting Church 2nd Wednesday 10.00am
Waverley Gardens (C) Vegas At Waverley Gardens Shop 122 Last Tuesday 10.00am
Wendouree (C) Webbcona Bowls Club 3rd Tuesday 10.00am
Werribee (L) Kelly Park Hall 1st Monday 10.00am
Werribee (M) Werribee Bowls Club 4th Monday 10.00am
Wheelers Hill (C) Mulgrave Country Club 3rd Friday 10.00am
Wheelers Hill (L) Mulgrave Country Club 3rd Monday 10.00am
Wheelers Hill (M) Mulgrave Country Club 2nd Friday 10.00am
White Hills (C) Football, Netball & Cricket Club 4th Tuesday 10.00am
Whitehorse (C) Horticultural Centre Function Room 1st Monday 10.00am
Whittlesea (C) Whittlesea Bowls Club 1st Monday 9.30am
Williamstown (L) Williamstown Bowling Club 4th Monday 10.00am
Williamstown (C) Williamstown RSL 1st Tuesday 9.45am
Williamstown Point Gellibrand (L) Williamstown RSL 3rd Monday 10.00am
Winchelsea & District (C) Winchelsea Bowls Club 1st Monday 10.00am
Wonthaggi & District (C) Wonthaggi Golf Club 3rd Tuesday 9.45am
Woodend & District (C) Woodend Community Centre 1st Thursday 10.00am
Woodlands of Sunbury (L) Sunbury Bowling Club 4th Monday 10.00am
Woorayl (C) Dakers Centre 1st Monday 10.00am
Wycheproof (C) Uniting Church 2nd Thursday 10.00am
Wyndham (L) Italian Social Club 1st Wednesday 10.00am
Wyndham (C) Kelly Park Hall 2nd Tuesday 1.30 pm
Yarram (C) Yarram Presbyrterian Church Hall 4th Wednesday 10.00am
Yea (C) RSL Clubrooms 1st Thursday 10.00am
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