The PAV committee has, from time to time, received requests from hosting clubs for reimbursement of expenses, such as when hiring a hall, providing refreshments, exceptional circumstances, etc, such as for a region meeting, information day, etc.

Whilst the PAV committee is open to considering such occasional requests, the committee also wishes for clubs to be clear that PAV does not have unlimited funds, and is obliged to maintain healthy reserves of funds in the region of one year’s operating expenses in accordance with PSPL guidelines..

Accordingly, the PAV committee will only consider supporting clubs running such meetings if they provide a budget prior to the function. The committee will then decide what proportion of likely costs they can cover.

Any requests for reimbursement of costs AFTER the function has been held will not be considered and the club will be obliged to bear the whole of costs incurred.

Clubs should therefore consider making a small charge per head for attendees to defray costs and should advertise this in their publicity.

Any further questions on this subject may be referred to the PAV treasurer Patricia Morecroft who may be contacted on 9787 6669 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.